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About Calina

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Natural Healing Solutions

While living in the city for nearly 30 years, Calina's journey to reconnect with nature came through visiting one tree, each week. For over 3 years now she documents her journey of inner discover and wellbeing.


This weekly practice dedicated to personal self discovery became known as Under The Tree Series. Because of her upbringing in the mountains of Oregon with parents who practice natural healing, Calina founded Nature Works UK. Through this platform she has enveloped a series of wellbeing practices, from breathing and qigong to forest bathing and sound healing to writing, painting, photography and video meditations.

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There is a beauty in each of us. All we have to do is recognise that it is already naturally within each of us. The trees are our lungs, our food and water comes from the earth, nature is our mirror of reflection. We are the guardians of our environment whether this is our body or where we live.


It's time we look after our wellness. Nature Works Uk offers spaces to submerge into harmony, stillness, relaxation and creativity. When getting to know the natural world of our inner being soon mirrors on the outside in nature. By sharing time in nature one hopes a new respect for the outside of us (for human beings and for nature) may arise.

These basic yet transformative practices of body maintenance not only transform our physical health but also offers spaces of non judgement.


Nature Works Uk creates guiding mirrors to transform inner spaces where we can recycle, compost and harmonize the mind and body into balance. Basic daily practices for everyone.

May truth and love become contagious on this planet again. Contribute to that wish by tuning into our unique self and then sharing in creative expression as a community.

Under The Tree Series

The under the tree series can be viewed on Nature Works UK YouTube channel


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“It was really good to see you today, to share my thoughts and pictures and then to unwind on our nature walk. I am still very relaxed and at peace with my life..”

— Bernard Hurford

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