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Nature Works Private Members Club Support Groups
Breathing with you through unstable times

Nature Works UK groups meet both indoors and outdoors.  We are here to support you during the difficult times in your life, especially when isolation and anxiety are prevalent.

You will learn skills and gain resources to support you in your life using therapy, mediation, breathwork and the creative arts. At Nature Works UK you will learn how to relax and let go of distress; walking in nature, forest bathing and letting go to the sound of the Gong.



Nature Works UK

Natural Healing Solutions

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Why Nature Works

Across the world, more of us live in a city than do not. Since the year 2000, human beings have officially become an urban species. We are also increasingly an indoor species, which is highly stressful. Our modern-day lives are exhausting. We are pulled in so many different directions at once, so it is no secret that high stress levels lead to an unbalanced lifestyle.

Nature Works offers Natural Healing Solutions to release stress and anxiety in our daily lives while gaining a greater appreciation for mother earth; 'providing the favourable conditions to grow' and learning how to design your personal 'daily practice' so you can discover a more harmonic you.

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How Nature Works

Forest, crystal and sound healing, either in a group or one to one, is a combination of my personal journey with nature, along with scientifically proven techniques. Nature Works 'daily practices' connects us to nature, focuses our breathing techniques to release stress, develops our ability to be still to find inner peace, explores an internal journey through sound healing to slow mind chatter, discovers your creativity whilst providing nonjudgmental spaces in 'sit spot' and 'open heart circle'.


During Forest Healing there is a lot of slow space, there’s no wasted space. Everyone has deep feelings. Silence is a delight and uses time differently. I think silence is one of the greatest gifts we have.


By tuning into nature and our breath we are able to follow in the internal rhythm of our heart where we become better equipped to navigate the world and walk through the doorway leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Wherever in the world there are forests and oceans, we feel better. Trees and algae not only provide us with the oxygen we need to stay alive, nature speaks to us without judgement and we can go through beautiful transformations of feeling free to cerebrate the uniqueness of who we truly are.

Forest Healing is scientifically proven to de-stress, strengthen our immune and cardiovascular system, improve sleep, metabolic health, weight loss, lower blood pressure and balance heart rate. It is not about hiking or walking long distances but rather doing everything in slow motion; mostly in silence and tuning into our senses to create a deeper connection with nature, and ultimately with ourselves.

You may discover your sense of smell is much more acute than you ever thought or you may discover there are textures you can taste on the airwaves, your hands may touch the bark of a tree and feel the combined strength and flexibility. You may see the incredible beauty in the geometrical shapes. Did you see the spiral vortices created by the snail shell or the flower with 5 petals creating a hexagon? Have you observed the vibrancy of colors all around, while feeling rooted into the earth through your feet on the ground, listening to the birds singing or the wind in the trees? Are you inspired to creation through the beauty and abundance of nature?

Did you know, the earth resonates at a frequency of 432hz, which is the same as our body? Therefore when we connect to nature, we slow our mind, give our body a reference point for healing and discover inner stillness and peace.


Nature Works also offers individual sound baths with gong and singing bowls with chakra crystal healing to cleanse and balance.

Why do we need to learn how to breathe?

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The breath is a doorway to letting go of fear and negative emotions. Everybody needs to breathe, but a lot of us are breathing badly. Who thinks about this?

Did you know our bodies are bio-batteries which self generate and store energy? When we breathe we flow and when we flow we want to be as fluid as we can, to create hydration in the body. Therefore it is very important to drink lots of warm water. When we have flow we have energy. When we have energy we are happier, healthier, we have more clarity and are able to heal and create.

Why do we need to exhale?

To release anxiety. When we have tension, our body tightens, our breath constricts, our muscles restrict blood flow and oxygen to our cells needed for health and happiness.


Anxiety, stress and fear are created internally from not ‘letting go’ of stored emotions. When we exhale we relax and get rid of our internal rubbish, forgive, forget and let go of all the negative beliefs, especially the extreme ones of sadness and depression.

When people cannot let go or connect to the earth, emotions build up to be suppressed inside and the body doesn’t know what to do with them. The brain reacts by saying "all systems shut down" - this is why so many people have mental illness or even kill themselves.


During Forest Healing you can give your emotions over to mother earth, so your heart doesn’t have too much to deal with. Mother

earth can compost negative emotion into organic energy.

If we take all the organic rubbish out of the earth, what happens to the Earth? It dies out and cannot grow anything. Everything can decompose and recycle, so it is very important we focus our attention towards mother earth, to release unwanted emotional so she can grow and give you back golden light.

If we are to sustain a balanced life of harmony and health now and for future generations to come we must gain a greater appreciation and respect for mother earth who it is always supporting us in abundance.

Nature Works - it truly works!
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