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Terms of Service

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Nature Works UK Meditations 

Therapies -

Gong Bath - Sound Therapy, Forest Bathing, Photography in Nature:

  • By making a booking you become a member of Nature Works UK private members club and are agreeing to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

  • Sessions can take place indoors or outdoors. If outdoors the session will take place dependant on weather and therefore if the weather is not conducive you will be notified and receive a full refund. 

  • Gong Bath - Sound Therapy - indoors. You will be offered an introduction to breath work prior to the gong bath so participants can learn breathing techniques and how the sound bath works. Breathing is a doorway to help shift us from a fear, fight or flight nervous system or uncomfortable state of mind into a more resting and peaceful state of being as well as a tool to help navigate the sounds of the gong.

  • Gong Bath - Sound Therapy - outdoors. You will be offered a Qigong session, it is very simple and slow bodily movements with breathing. This will help establish breathing diaphragmatically prior to the Gong bath to help navigate the sounds.

Gong Bath - Sound Therapy, Contraindications -

It is recommended that you do not have a gong bath if:

  • You suffer tinnitus or ear related medical conditions which may be negatively affect you by prolonged sound exposure from the gong.

  • You suffer from serious heart conditions. 

  • You have a pacemaker or other metal implant.

  • You suffer from sound induced epilepsy.

  • If in doubt, please contact Nature Works UK before booking.

Sessions and Payment​s​     

  • All sessions are available by bookings only and are absolutely confidential.  

  • All sessions are are usually between 60-90mins.

  • All sessions can be paid for in advance via bank transfer or cash at the time of your session through the 'booking confirmation' email  and are non-refundable unless cancellation is given 24hrs in advance or if your session is outdoor, when the weather is not conducive you will be notified and offered a full refund or transferable session on the 24 hour notice requirement..

  • Credit cards are not accepted.

  • All payments are subject to the Missed and Cancelled Appointments policy. ​

Cancellations and Missed Appointments                                             

  • Your session space is reserved especially for you at the appointed time.

  • Please arrive 5mins prior to the session to ensure you receive your full session.

  • Check Google maps or similar for any travel disruptions and give yourself plenty of travel time. 

  • To avoid a full fee charge; 24 hours notice (excluding week-ends) is required to cancel or change an appointment.

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