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Need time to relax and find inner balance...Join us in a unity of community, a time for healing with nature, breathing and sound as our guide and teacher. The more time we share with our inner nature the more we are connecting with our deeper self.

Always with Open Hearts. Nature, it truly Works.

Qigong with Gong Meditation: EVERY TUESDAYS & SATURDAYS


  • Saturday Mornings, "Forest Bathing & The Art of Stillness" from 12-1.30pm.

  • Tuesday Evenings, "Gong Meditation & Finding Your Inner Balance" from 6.30-7.30pm.


  • In the forest location meeting at Banstead.

  • Indoors, Sutton area - on booking you will receive the address.


  • Boost Immune System

  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety

  • Improves Sleep

  • Wellness in your Daily Practice

  • Design the life you wish to live

  • Practice Stillness and Energy Balance techniques

  • Connect to your Inner Nature

  • Submerge in Nature


Our journey begins with our focus being on tuning into nature and in with our natural self. With invitations to use our senses we travel through our breath which is ultimately nature, here there is a doorway to a space of inner balance. Qigong, breath, and/or gentle body exercise will begin our sessions together, followed by a Sound Bath Meditation and if joining Forest Bathig there will be a Walking Meditation with Photography and Journal Therapy during Sit Spot. Weekly sessions are each unique which may include an array of sounds such as Shamanic drum, Rain stick, Gong Bath, 432hz tuning, Singing bowls, Koshi bells and the natural sounds of Nature. Each session is completed with an Open Heart Circle.

  • Saturday Afternoons, "The Art of Stillness" Pack your bags, come along and see what happens! A time to focus on slowing down in every way, so we can discover more about who we truly are - our inner stillness. Tuning into nature through our senses, using sound, art and open hearts to reflect this balance in our daily lives.


  • Tuesday Evenings, "Finding Your Inner Balance", is a gentler ear stretching experience with the journey through sound, we will focus on deep stillness, peace, balance and serenity which can assist in the expansion of your inner being to feel more presence in the moment.


  • Saturday Afternoons: Any small musical instrument, Camera/phone, Notebook/art book with pens/colours, Blanket/cloth to sit on, Water/hot tea, and Fruit/nuts/healthy snacks.


  • Tuesday Evenings: Mat, blanket, pillow, water and whatever you need for your own comfort.


There are limited places so please book in advance by getting in touch via email or phone. Namaste.

Forest Gong Meditation
Natural Breathing Demo
3 Gong Bath

"The Gong is the spirit song.

It is the primal whisper of the soul.

It's sounds is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds.

Listen with outer and inner ears.

Feel its pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses.

You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened.

The ancients sought this experience on the tops of mountains and at the sacred places.

The voice of God would thunder in, spectacular strokes of lightning.

The clap of thunder - Bang! Shatter! Roll! Echo! - stopped all thought, stripped away pretense, shook loose the deepest fears, and rejuvenated the nervous system.

It created strength, peace and healing.

The Gong is that sound. It is the flash of inner light.

The mallet is the will of the infinite, the gong, the creation, and the sound is the spirit song, the heartbeat of the soul."

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

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